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Georgia's Red Cross joins the Gulf Coast in preparation for Hurricane Michael

October 9, 2018--9:11 a.m.


In Georgia and across the Gulf Coast, the American Red Cross is working around-the-clock with government and emergency partners to prepare for Hurricane Michael.

Preliminary forecasts call for impact in the Florida Panhandle, then a diagonal path of tropical wind and rain through Georgia, from Bainbridge to Augusta. Localized flooding and strong winds that cause downed trees and power lines are possible.

Red Cross disaster teams are identifying potential evacuation shelters, putting volunteers on standby and mobilizing supplies and Emergency Response Vehicles in advance of the storm. The Red Cross is also urging residents in the potential path of Michael to

Be Red Cross Ready:

· Assemble an Emergency Supplies Kit

Build an emergency kit that contains food, water, and other basic supplies – enough for three days for each family member and pets. Remember to add items for young children such as diapers, formula, and activities. You should also include a flashlight and extra batteries, a first aid kit, essential medications, extra cash, and copies of important documents (like insurance policies and copies of photo ID’s.)

If you are in an area where authorities advise or order you to evacuate, leave immediately and take your emergency kit with you. Remember, evacuation shelters are temporary places to ride out the storm. They may not have cots and blankets, so bring pillows, sleeping bags, and other items to make you more comfortable.

· Make a Plan for People and Pets

Create an Evacuation Plan for your household. Learn about how your community responds to severe weather and plan routes to local shelters. You’ll also need a Communication Plan since your household may not be together when severe weather occurs. It’s important to know how to contact one another and how to get back together.

Don’t forget your pets. Put together an emergency kit for your pets, including leashes and pet carriers. You should also locate pet shelters or pet-friendly shelters as part of your preparedness plan.

· Stay Informed of Critical Updates (before, during and after the storm)

Listen to local media or NOAA Weather Radio stations or channels. If asked to evacuate, do so immediately.

You should also download the free Red Cross Emergency App to have real-time information about the storm, shelter locations and hurricane safety tips at your fingertips. The Emergency App is available in app stores by searching for the American Red Cross or going