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Suspect Shot By Deputy Last Year Has Been Indicted For Robbery
Saturday, July 7, 8:53 a.m.
AM 1180
An Atlanta man that was shot after fleeing from police last year has been indicted by a Chattooga County Grand Jury.
Devon Deshawn Ward has been indicted for robbery, aggravated assault and two counts of obstruction of an officer.
On July 18, 2017, Summerville Police and Chattooga County deputies were investigating a snatch and grab robbery when the suspect, nineteen-year-old Devon DeShawn Ward bolted from a residence and struck a Summerville Police Officer.
Officers chased the suspect on foot and lost sight of him briefly until Agent Caine Railey caught up with the suspect near a church on Highland Avenue.  Sheriff Mark Schrader said last year, “After fighting with the suspect for several minutes, Agent Railey and the suspect were on their feet and Agent Railey was still attempting to secure suspect Ward as he continued to resist and fight with the Agent. Agent Railey stated he was physically exhausted so he shoved the suspect away from him and drew his service weapon ordering the suspect to stop fighting and to get on the ground. The suspect, being only feet away from Agent Railey, looked Agent Railey directly in the eyes and charged toward him reaching out toward Agent Railey’s weapon as suspect Ward closed the distance gap between them. Agent Railey turned sideways and pulled his weapon in toward his body and as the suspect made contact with him he fired one round striking suspect Ward in the abdominal area. Officers provided emergency aide by placing pressure on the wound and trying to keep suspect Ward conscious until emergency medical services arrived.” Ward was transported to a Chattanooga hospital for treatment.
The GBI was called in to investigate the officer-involved shooting and found no wrongdoing on the part of the deputy.