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Two Cartersville Men Indicted In Alleged Large-Scale Drug Trafficking Ring
Saturday, October 6, 2018- 3:59 p.m. 
WVNews reported that three defendants have been indicted federally in West Virginia in an alleged large-scale Georgia-to-West Virginia cocaine and methamphetamine distribution conspiracy.
Indicted earlier this month by grand jurors meeting in Wheeling were 31-year-old William Gregory “Will” Chappell of Cartersville, 33-year-old Terrick Robinson of Cartersville, and Seddrick Damond Banks.
All three are named in the conspiracy count, which alleges wrongdoing from May to September 4th in West Virginia. All three also are named in an aiding and abetting possession with intent to distribute meth charge. It alleges wrongdoing in September 4th in West Virginia involving 500 or more grams of the drug.
Robinson also is accused of distribution of meth in exchange for $5,500 in cash.
Chappell and Banks are also charged with aiding and abetting possession with intent to distribute cocaine and are facing a charge alleging possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime.
The commander of the Greater Harrison Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force — who’s never lost a case in federal court — has accused the three in a large-scale conspiracy to repeatedly bring drugs to West Virginia for redistribution.
The men became targets of an ongoing investigation when a trooper investigated an incident involving a large amount of meth found in a hotel.
The ensuing four-month investigation went through six cities with sources of information and confidential informants with Drug Enforcement Administration special agents assisting.
Robinson reportedly would bring in the drugs, while Chappell (with guns) served as protection for Robinson, the drugs, and the proceeds. Banks’ role isn’t clear from the court file.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Traci Cook is prosecuting and is seeking a money forfeiture of over $17,000, plus three pistols, two semiautomatic rifles, and a pump shotgun.