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Some local businesses close Thursday in support of immigrants

February 16, 2017--1:41 p.m.

By David Crowder

On Thursday, businesses closed their doors as part of a nationwide effort called “A Day without Immigrants.”

In Rome, Morellos Supermarket and La Mexicana Supermarket on Shorter Avenue were closed.

In addition, six Rome taxi companies parked their vehicles for the day.

Francisco Delacruz, the owner of Rome Taxi Cab Company, told us why they were speaking out.

“We want to ask the president if he can please give immigrants a Green Card so they can go to work and have a Georgia driver’s license,” he said. “That’s why we are here. We want to ask for help for immigrant people.”

Delacruz, who is also a bail bondsman, said he sees a lot of immigrants who are arrested for not having a driver’s license.

“I ask them why they are driving with no license and I tell them it’s illegal,” he said. “They tell me ‘I have a wife and kids, who will bring food to my house? Who will pay my rent? I need to go to work.’  They say ‘If the president will give me a legal resident permit or Greed Card like you have, I don’t have to go to jail. I can get my driver’s license.’ Some of them say ‘I cannot go stealing from the store or steal money from somebody. I need work. I need to drive.’”

Delacruz wanted everyone to know that he supports the deportation of immigrants who commit serious crimes and added that members of the Latino community often assist police in catching those violent offenders.

“We are okay if the president deports people who are criminals.” He said. “However, if working mothers and fathers who bring food home are deported, who gives food to the children? Who brings food to the babies? Who takes the children to the school? Nobody. So, that is why we are asking to please help.”

He said the criminals make things difficult for honest, hard working immigrants, who are many times the victims of crime.

Georgia Taxi Cab, Don Chilo Taxi, Crabrican Taxi, Coatan Taxi and Chilito’s Taxi Cab also participated in the effort.