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New “Allergy Scam” is Nothing to Sneeze At
Monday, April 16, 2018- 2:29 p.m. 
AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio
Just when you think the scam artists have tried practically EVERYTHING they come up with something else in an attempt to steal from unsuspecting members of the public, and this go ‘round they’re zoning in on something that affects almost everyone during this time of year, that of course, being allergies.
Here’s how the con works.
The scammers are calling people and asking if they’re suffering from allergy symptoms, and since pollen counts are currently at record or near-record levels – they stand an extremely good chance of finding someone with allergy issues; the scammer then tells the person they are eligible for a free health screening – and all they have to do is provide their government-issued I.D. and some personal information.  This is where your SCAM RADAR should go off.
Yes, it’s just another attempt to get personal, private information they can use to drain your bank account and/or run up huge credit card bills.
The Center for Disease Control & Prevention headquartered in Atlanta has recently issued a warning saying this particular scam is becoming widespread across the south this season.
The Better Business Bureau has also issued a warning about this scam. 
Protect Yourself from Free Health Screening Scams
Guard your personal information carefully. Never give your medical insurance ID number, Social Security number, or banking information to strangers.
It is illegal to accept anything of value in exchange for medical services. Never trade personal information for “free” tests.
Don’t consent to lab tests without direct orders from your doctor. Protect yourself and your health insurance benefits.
Keep a close eye on correspondence from your medical insurance provider. Inform your provider right away if you notice any unauthorized changes or charges.
Learn more about how to protect yourself from Medicare fraud at
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